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Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much your next jewelry purchase will cost the moment you step inside a jewelry store? At Cartersville Jewelry Exchange, we provide a world class jewelry service that places an emphasis on transparency.

When you visit our store, there’s no hassle that you have to worry about, and no haggling you’ll have to deal with. All of our prices are the lowest they’ll go, every day of the week. On top of that, we make sure that prices for each piece of jewelry are clearly marked in their showcase shelf for everyone to see. This means that there’s no guessing on the price of THAT piece of jewelry you absolutely love.

You’ll know within seconds whether or not a piece of jewelry is within your budget. We want your time in our jewelry store to be spent on finding the style of jewelry that fits your personality. We don’t want you to spend that entire time trying to guess whether or not a piece of jewelry will fit in your budget.

Whether you’re just starting your new adventure with your love, making a new start, or just trying to get a special gift for that special someone, Cartersville Jewelry is here to help.

We don’t want you to “just” buy a piece of jewelry. We want you to go home feeling confident and proud of the jewelry you purchase, regardless of the reason. We know how important it is for you to be able to make the person you’re gifting the jewelry to feel happy, elated or overjoyed. Even if that person is yourself!

Anytime they look in the mirror, they’ll not only see the piece of jewelry that you specifically picked out for them, but they will remember the love that came from you as you gave it to them.

That personally selected piece of jewelry will serve as a reminder to both you and your love about all the amazing adventures you’ve had over the years, and the many more you’ll create.

Stop in today at Cartersville Jewelry Exchange and learn more about our selection of jewelry for any occasion. We’ll help you find the perfect jewelry for your love, yourself, or anyone else important to you. Every piece should fit the style of the person wearing it, and we’ll help you match their personality to the perfect jewelry.

“I've shopped from Marietta to Atlanta… you can't beat'em and they have more selection than anyone around here.” - David Jones

Formerly selling to jewelers and now selling to the public, Cartersville Jewelry Exchange is your source for quality discount diamonds

See for yourself the most fabulous selection of quality discount diamonds in the south. Remember there is nothing romantic about paying too much!

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